Sightseeing in Rome

Rome is one of the most beautiful and historic cities in the world, with a myriad of attractions.

Where to start………

The aim of Sightseeing in Rome is as simple as the title suggests : What to see in Rome…. places to see in Rome…. things to see and do in Rome….. call it what you will,  these are the things I suggest are the best and most interesting in Rome.

Sightseeing in Rome

The Colosseum

You dont need to be a history major to appreciate Rome, the attractions themselves and a little background reading before, or during, your visit to Rome will see you through.

If you are preparing for a vacation to Rome, my recommendation is to read through the various pages here. Along the way, make notes of what interests you. If you have any questions, email me and I will be happy to make suggestions.

Digest the information here….

Sant Ignazio

Sant' Ignazio ceiling

Then chose a travel guidebook of your choice……

Remember, every one is different, if you like my sense of humor and the way I describe things, perhaps these attractions are the ones for you. If not, well, once again, everyone is different   :)

Sit down with a coffee and read the guide…. again, make notes! If it becomes a “chore” to read the guidebook, then you know you have had enough … Sightseeing in Rome should be an adventure :)

St Peters dome

St Peters dome

Having an understanding of where you are going and what you are about to see makes a vacation so much more enjoyable. This is especially the case with Rome, as there is 2000 plus years of history, art & culture and attractions packed into a very small area. It can be overwhelming if you are not a little prepared.

I plan to post legends, stories and factual information on the site on a regular basis, so come back regularly to see what is new :)

One last thing … don’t forget to pack that guidebook in your carry on luggage…it most certainly will come in handy when find yourself in Rome!

Buon viaggi from Sightseeing in Rome!

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